Sustainable Energy


Sustainable energy is a form of energy that meets our demands for energy without putting resources in danger of becoming expired or depleted. Sustainable energy supports applications that can be used over and over again, such as electric vehicles and bio/food waste.

Career Opportunities

Electric Car Engineer

For this role, you’ll need to be good at maths and science and have good analytical and teamworking skills. Electric car engineers work on electric car design, development and testing. They often work with scientists to design and produce new or improved electric vehicles. They also carry out tests to determine vehicle efficiency. Starting salaries average £18,000.

Process Operator

Process operators need to have a methodical approach, good technical and teamworking skills and a keen eye for detail. Their role involves overseeing and managing the full production process of a manufacturing plant or other industrial facility. They monitor equipment and they are also responsible for overall safety, maintenance and troubleshooting. Starting salaries average £18,000.

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Did you know that...

Graduates entering the energy and utilities sector can expect a median salary of £32,500.

High Fliers' The Graduate Market in 2016 report

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