Health and Safety (Energy Related)


As the UK energy sector continues to expand and diversify, a growing number of experienced personnel will be needed to fulfil health and safety requirements within the areas of occupational safety, permit to work, safety management and audit.

Career Opportunities

Health and Safety Adviser

This role suits those with excellent communication, organisational and negotiation skills, good problem-solving ability and a flair for IT. Day-to-day tasks might include developing safety policies and procedures, advising and training staff on health and safety practices, making regular inspections, doing risk assessments, and investigating and recording accidents. Starting salaries range from £22,000 to £30,000.

Offshore Installation Manager (OIM)

If you have excellent organisational and communication skills, are team-minded and quick-thinking with an eye for detail, this role could be for you. Responsibilities would include implementing and controlling the permit to work system, implementing policies and procedures, and being responsible for all emergency response situations. Starting salaries average £25,000.

Safety Inspector

This role would suit someone with excellent communication and negotiation skills, good problem-solving ability and an understanding of technology. You would be responsible for ensuring employers comply with all aspects of health and safety laws by inspecting business premises, advising employers, investigating accidents, and through enforcement of the law. Starting salaries average £25,000.

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We have a wide variety of Health and Safety courses available at our Fleetwood Nautical Campus.

Did you know that...

Graduates entering the energy and utilities sector can expect a median salary of £32,500.

High Fliers' The Graduate Market in 2016 report

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